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Top tips: 4 ways to get started with simulation

Simulation training works best when it leverages prior skills and knowledge to create dissonance, inspire learning and deliver change. For ideas about how to do this:

  1. Look for examples outside the your industry where simulation is used well, and think about how you can transfer those examples to your work. Some places to start are resources, health, defence, aviation, rail and emergency management. You’ll be surprised that many operational challenges are common and there are some interesting solutions. Examine how they design and apply their knowledge.
  2. Engage with organisations that are actively working in this area as they’ll have case studies and contacts who can help you. The Simulation Agency has relationships with many organisations who are knowledgeable about these issues. Several universities are also developing their capability to support training simulation.
  3. Talk to suppliers – if their current products don’t fully meet your requirements, they need to know. Demand creates supply.
  4. Go to simulation and training conferences as an exhibitor or delegate. This is an effective way for letting people know what your needs (simulation users) and offerings (simulation suppliers) are.

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