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Chief Geographer of the US Lee Schwartz, aboriginal culture custodian Alan Warrie and University of Twente's Yola Georgiadou discuss cultural benefits of spatial information use.

Pivotal 2015

In June 2015, some of the world’s brightest minds gathered to discuss the pivotal role of spatial science in ensuring a sustainable global future. Between NASA scientists, Nobel Laureates, politicians and humanitarians, we considered the changing landscape of technologies and tools for discovering, analysing and monitoring human activity on the planet. From earthquakes in Christchurch and Nepal to fresh water in Africa, education in India, the Magna Carta and what’s happening with the Ozone Layer, spatial science is clearly emerging as a crucial technology for our future. Deanna presented a keynote address on barriers for cultural change, and also supported the Pivotal Summit with media management services and digital marketing.

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