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E-Learning for simulation in healthcare

Our Managing Director, Deanna Hutchinson, joined the team at Queensland Health’s Clinical Skills Development Service for a short period to provide leadership to the eLearning team. Her achievements included:

  • creating stronger alignment between the simulation, curriculum and elearning teams
  • providing models for product development and marketing
  • enhancing the instructional knowledge of elearning technicians
  • providing a blueprint for management of elearning content development projects

Cybersafety Tools for Schools

Working as a sub-contractor for Kaleidospiel, we provided the educational review for Phase 1 of the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Cybersmart Detectives simulation program review. This involved:

  • highlighting challenges with the current design of the Cybersmart Detectives simulation and supporting tools
  • identifying additional curriculum resources available to support the Cybersmart program
  • documenting alignment with the national and state educational curricula relevant to cybersafety (including links to sociology and civics, technology, communications and design)