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Pivotal 2015

In June 2015, some of the world’s brightest minds gathered to discuss the pivotal role of spatial science in ensuring a sustainable global future. Between NASA scientists, Nobel Laureates, politicians and humanitarians, we considered the changing landscape of technologies and tools for discovering, analysing and monitoring human activity on the planet. From earthquakes in Christchurch and Nepal to fresh water in Africa, education in India, the Magna Carta and what’s happening with the Ozone Layer, spatial science is clearly emerging as a crucial technology for our future. Deanna presented a keynote address on barriers for cultural change, and also supported the Pivotal Summit with media management services and digital marketing.

AECOM Leaders in Infrastructure

Productivity Through Technology

In late 2015 we worked with Liz Savage to deliver a workshop series on emerging technology in infrastructure for AECOM Qld clients. Over three sessions, we:

  • “drank from the fire hose” with presentations from researchers and developers of augmented reality, 3D printing, virtual reality, driverless cars, drones and BIM
  • discussed approaches for change management, supported by case study presentations from Ergon Energy and Aurizon
  • explored the commercial challenges such as contracting, big data and collaboration with help from SIBA, Brisbane City Council and Gadens Lawyers

The outcome of this project was a white paper prepared by AECOM, and a hackathon featuring our Managing Director and other members of the startup and smart city community in November 2016.

Beyond Defence: Growing SimTecT

What began as a Defence simulation conference is now the world’s most diverse simulation forum. It brings together academia, industry and government in an event encompassing many industries and uses of simulation. Growing an emerging industry presents unique challenges, as you navigate several “dialects” and build understandings about simulation capability from the ground up. SimTecT began in 1995, and has its roots in defence, an industry whose simulation use is diverse, both in terms of application and maturity. Since accepting the Convenor role in 2009, The Simulation Agency’s Deanna Hutchinson has been a key figure in leading the SimTecT conference through a significant change program, broadening the attendance demographic beyond defence, to include mining, transport, education, construction and emergency management. Deanna has also led the reshaping of the conference program to include innovation and decision support as well as the traditional training focus.

Along the way, our performance has been reinforced by excellent feedback, such as this comment from a senior US military delegate in 2012 “this is better than ITEC” (reference to the coveted European event), and several industry insiders offering congratulations for delivering a great buzz and “the right audience”. In 2016, after a two-year break, Deanna moved into the Congress Executive role, overseeing the integration of SimTecT, SimHealth and a one-year partnership with ISAGA (www.simulationcongress.com.au)